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Have you ever wondered why solar energy is not implemented on every rooftop, or why we move electricity from centralized GW factories on overhead power lines, or why remote islands must import their own energy when the sun shines for free?

Imagine if you could find that one roadblock that is keeping solar energy from being pervasive and profitable. 

What if you could change one single ingredient without interrupting the existing manufacturing process or value chain. What if you could do this with an easy plug and play fashion that doesn’t add any costs. 


02 CuBert™ Paste


Specialized Copper Paste

Created by researchers at the Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research at the University of Louisville, the CuBert™ paste replaces expensive silver with affordable and abundant copper while maintaining the durability of the silver pastes.

The paste is a plug and play ingredient that can replace the silver paste directly into the existing manufacturing process and equipment in use today by solar panel makers.


03 Production Timeline

Our manufacturing of the CuBert™ copper-based paste, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is producing working samples of the paste applied to mini-panels.  The samples are demonstrating and verifying the successful usage of the CuBert™ paste.  Beginning in early 2019, we will be ready to begin offering to solar manufacturers the needed volumes.


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Bert Thin Films, LLC is proud to announce that it has received an SBIR Phase II Award from the National Science Foundation